Friday, February 13, 2015

January Round-Up

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Ernest, the Moose Who Doesn’t Fit by Catherine Rayner
Farrar Straus Giroux, 2009
“Ernest was a rather large moose.” So large that no matter what he does he can’t fit inside this book! He shimmies and squeezes, squidges and shuffles, but to no avail. What’s a moose to do? The mixed media illustrations in this short, but humorous book feature eager Ernest and his silent, but helpful chipmunk friend. Add this book to a size themed storytime and enjoy the oohs and ahhs when the final page unfolds...and unfolds...and unfolds!

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Jump! by Scott M. Fischer
Simon and Schuster, 2010
Starting with a small frog sitting on a log and moving along to a gigantic whale ready to set sail, this rhyming book is great for a toddler or preschool storytime. The cartoonish watercolor illustrations use saturated colors and bold lines, making the animals seem to jump off the page. The rhythmic text is easy to sing or chant. Kids will love to shout, “Jump!” as each animal tries to escape. Pair this book with your favorite version of the song, “Slippery Fish” (I like to use a flannel with this song. You can also play Charlotte Diamond’s version.).

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Little Elliot Big City by Mike Curato
Henry Holt, 2014
Little Elliot loves living in the big city, but he doesn’t like being so small. He finds himself being trampled and overlooked. But one day he meets a mouse that’s even smaller than he is! The cartoonish, yet softly diffused illustrations make great use of light and shading. Short sentences and a linear plot make this a good choice for a toddler storytime. Kids will relate to Elliot’s powerlessness and cheer when he finds a way to be seen and heard. If you like Little Elliot, get ready for Little Elliot Big Family (Available Oct. 6, 2015).

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Wind by Carol Thompson
Child’s Play (International), 2014
This board book features a multicultural cast of toddlers as they experience a windy day. Part of the Whatever the Weather series (the other titles are Rain, Sun, Snow), the text includes sensory descriptions of wind from the way it feels to the way it sounds. The short, rhyming text and mixed media illustrations make this a wonderful choice for a baby storytime.