Friday, August 9, 2013

July Round-Up

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Alphablock by Christopher Franceschelli, Illustrated by Peskimo
This sturdy board book is a visual alphabet delight. Page turns and cut outs encourage readers to guess the answer to, “A is for…”, "B is for....", etc. as you travel through the alphabet. Visual clues not only make the game more fun, but also create compelling compositions. The graphics have distinct edges and bold colors.

Animal Opposites by Petr Horacek
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Utilizing flaps, pop-ups, and his signature mixed-media paintings Horacek uses pairs of animals to demonstrate opposites. The first animal is featured on the left hand page and then readers have a chance to guess the opposite animal hidden behind a flap. For instance, a short dog and a tall giraffe, a quiet rabbit and a loud lion. Minimal text and large illustrations make this a great fit for a toddler or preschool storytime.

Journey by Aaron Becker
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This wordless book follows the imaginative adventures of a young girl. Clad in shorts and a t-shirt and armed with a red piece of chalk the girl transforms a boring day into an extraordinary journey. Traveling by boat, hot air balloon, flying carpet, and more the girl escapes her life in the city and makes a friend in the process. Illustrated with watercolor, pen, and ink this book will have readers returning again and again to uncover more details in the intricate pictures. Check out the awesome book trailer.

My Blue is Happy by Jessica Young, Illustrated by Catia Chien
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Differing emotions and perspectives on color are explored in this story about one girl’s exploration of color. Written in first person, the young girl points out that some people say blue is a sad color, like a lonely song, “but my blue is happy / like my favorite jeans / and a splash in the pool on a hot day.” Vibrant, textured acrylic illustrations allow readers to discover the many facets of a color. Use this for a storytime or unit on colors and feelings. Try pairing it with My Many Colored Days or poems from Red Sings from Treetops: A Year in Colors.

This is Our House by Hyewon Yum
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In a series of candid illustrated snapshots paired with lively full page illustrations this story follows the lives of the family that lives in a brick house. A young girl tells us of the many events that have happened in and around the house, from the stoop her grandparents arrive on with just two suitcases to the sidewalk where two generations of children have learned to walk. Simple, repetitive text is paired beautifully with Yum’s soft watercolor illustrations. It’s great to see a book that shows an inter-generational, mixed race family.